Design & Graphics

Reimagining O'Keefe Lane Design Competition

This design was the winning entry for a campus-wide laneway re-design competition held in January 2016. Our design recognized the existing qualities and strengths of the space while addressing the historical issues of congestion, waste, and the perception of safety. By developing a waste-management solution, the full width of the lane can be accessed and utilized for programming and travel. To further increase the total amount of public space we proposed a floating courtyard that connects directly to the acclaimed Ryerson Student Learning Centre. The finer details of the design further tease out the animation of the space to enable a sense of community and safety, and to develop an inclusive and accessible space.

My contributions to the design included: concept development, research, poster & graphic design, writing and editing, and presentation of the project at Ryerson's Planning Expo.

XING Exhibit @ Toronto Zoo

These images present an exhibition design proposal and excerpts of the boards developed for a permanent installation at the Toronto Zoo. The exhibition highlights the issues of fractured landscapes due to roadway development, specifically the negative effects on animals' movement and mating habits, and also highlights design solutions to the mounting issues. The exhibition is scheduled to launch in Summer 2016.

The exhibition builds upon years of research and design work completed by Professor Nina-Marie Lister, Marta Brocki, and many others in the field of landscape connectivity, roadway ecology, and landscape architecture. My contributions to included collaboration with Marta Brocki on the curation and ideation of exhibition within the designated space, and writing and layout of boards.

How We Shape Water

This poster was completed in partial fulfilment of an Ecological Design course at Ryerson University. Inspired by Edward Burtynsky's visual essay, Watermark, I designed this 'watershed' map, tracing the numerous ways in which we shape the water cycle.